Data Feed Experts

Data Feed Experts specialise in creating and managing data feed campaigns across multiple retail channels including Price Comparison Sites, Google Product Ads (previously Google Shopping) Affiliate Networks and Marketplace Channels including Ebay, Amazon Pixmania and We take away the aggravation, time, and frustration that comes with increasing your websites exposure and managing campaigns on these channels. We have the expertise, knowledge and contacts to ensure our clients achieve the targets they need to make these advertising channels profitable to their business. Having managed retail websites for over 10 years across these channels, Data Feed Experts have built up the knowledge to know how and where to promote your businesses products to give them the best chance of giving a positive return to your business.


Data Feed Experts create and manage your data feed campaigns across multiple marketing channels including Price Comparison Sites, Affiliate Networks, Google Shopping and Market Place Channels including eBay and Amazon. With over 10 years experience in creating high quality data and managing data feeds we help our clients achieve their ROI goals and improve their online marketing campaigns.


Data Feed Experts specialise in data feed creation, submission and management of retail websites marketing campaigns, Many channels require high quality data feeds to ensure they give their customers the best shopping experience. Data Feed Experts ensure our clients meet these expectations and manage the campaigns for our clients to achieve their goals. We specialise in creating and managing data feeds on channels including price Comparison Sites, Google Product Ads, Affiliate Networks, and Market Place Channels such as Ebay, Amazon and Pixmania.

Why use us?

Data Feed Experts offer a bespoke online reporting system enabling our clients to view their campaigns quickly easily and understand what products give their business and positive return and which ones do not. Multi Channel Marketing is crucial to many retail businesses but needs to be managed correctly and constantly. Although crucial to the success of the business, this takes time and experience and many businesses do not have the resources to do this. Data Feed Experts have the knowledge and experience of managing retail website in every sector and understand how to manage these campaigns to ensure our clients achieve their goals.