Click and ROI Reporting System

Data Feed Experts offer a Real Time Click and ROI (return on investment) reporting system enabling retail merchants to monitor, manage and optimise their price comparison site campaigns.

Our software solution is a bespoke solution which can be adapted to suit any merchant requirements.

Currently our solution is used by many merchants advertising on comparison sites and Google Product Ads in various countries and has been made specifically for tracking and managing comparison site campaigns and Google Product Ads.

There are three main sections to the system:

  1. Data Feed Quality / Review
  2. Campaign Reporting
  3. Campaign Optimisation Features

These three sections enable clients to have the full understanding of how successful their campaigns are on the comparison site channels.

Data Feed Quality / Review:

Our reporting system allows retailers to view the quality of the data feed they are supplying to the Price Comparison Sites and Google Product Ads. It shows the total amount of products in the data feed and highlights any areas that the data feed may need attention to.

Campaign Reporting:

  • Our reporting solution will enable you to view your campaigns in full detail. This will include:
  • Amount of clicks generated per price comparison site to each product.
  • Sales generated from that comparison site (this will include multiple sales)
  • Number of basket sales (orders) generated.
  • Sales revenue generated from the campaigns.
  • Cost of the campaign per comparison site.
  • Cost per acquisition or sale for each comparison site campaign.
  • Conversion rate of the campaigns.
  • The return on investment of the campaigns.
  • Hourly Report giving insite into your customers purchasing behaviour.
  • Product Level reporting

Campaign Optimisation Features:

Our reporting system has the ability to set rules in place to help in optimisation of the comparison and google product ads campaigns. Our clients can set rules to pause any poor performing products from the comparison sites. This procedure will reduce costs and improve the return on investment of the campaigns. The system can set rules based on click spend, conversion rate and accrued clicks. The system will allow retailers to see what products have been paused from the campaigns and from what channel the pause took place and on what date. This ensures comparison sites cannot charge for products that have been removed from the campaigns and ensures that your data feeds are refreshed daily.

The system also has an option to enable manual pausing of products, enabling retailers to pause product to comparison sites quickly regardless of the campaigns performance.

All data viewed can be exported in a method that suits the retailer to enable reports to be compiled as required.

Campaigns can be viewed in local currency and per country should a client wish to advertise in multiple countries.

As our system is a bespoke system, it has the flexibility to adapt to our customers’ needs to ensure they receive the reporting tool they require.