Shopping Feeds Made Easy!

Do You use Price Comparison Sites?
• Does your Campaign perform as well as it could?
• Do you submit one data feed to a Price Comparison Site, then have to do it
  all over again in a different format for another Price Comparison Site?

Data Feed Experts specialise in creating and managing retail data feeds for clients on the Price Comparison Site Channels. With over 8 years experience in working with these channels we have the knowledge and understanding of how to ensure your online comparison site campaigns give your business a profitable return on your investment.

As you many retailers know, creating and generating an individual feed from a website to a Price Comparison Site is time consuming and can be quite frustrating.

Our Data Feed Management Service however requires only one master feed to be created. Our clients can provide this to us, or we will create one directly from their website. From this one datafeed create and format all the multiple data feeds required to be available on all Price Comparison Sites. Your master feed will be formatted to each Shopping Sites specifications, using our unique in-house Data feed Technology.

If Only All Price Comparison Sites Were The Same…

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Each Price Comparison Site has a unique audience, a different network and so products perform in different ways depending on the site.

Price Comparison Sites will not reveal certain data to clients, such as; average conversions for a sector, estimated traffic volumes, success of a product etc. However, our Tracking and Reporting Software will. This knowledge enables us to optimise the data feeds to improve our clients campaign success.

We can offer you complete control and management of your shopping feeds, enabling you to determine how and where your money is spent. Combine this with over 8 years of knowledge and experience with Price Comparison Sites and well, it should make the decision easy for you.

Why Should I Track Product Performance?

The key to a successful Price Comparison Site Campaign is:

  • The ability to view how well a product performs, on each of the channel.
  • Knowing how many clicks it took (and how much money it cost!) for that product to convert into a sale.
  • Understanding what product is in demand, and what Price Comparison Site to put that product on to get the best possible return on investment.

Many businesses cannot track an individual product on a Price Comparison Site. This ultimately means they do not know how well each product performs, they only know how many sales they have made and the total cost of the overall Campaign.

We track and monitor each individual product, giving us (and you) the important information required to optimise and improve your Campaign performance. This offers you complete control over your money, while helping to increase your return on investment.

Our unique Real Time Reporting Interface Technology offers an all-in-one solution, compatible with all Price Comparison Sites. Our reporting system can detail individual product performance in depth, revealing; Clicks, Conversions, Cost Per Click (CPC), Revenue, Average Ad Position plus much more.