About Google Shopping

Google Shopping is the latest ad format introduced by Google helping advertise your products on Google Web Search as well as Google Shopping.

Google Shopping makes product advertisement more detailed and user friendly by bringing product image, price, title and a seller name into an Ad thus helping increase conversion rates.

Google Shopping

Data Feed Experts take care of the entire Google Shopping and Product Listing Ads data feed and optimisation process for you, starting from data feed creation, submission and daily or hourly updates, real-time performance tracking and optimisation as well as data quality monitoring.

We will provide you with:

Deep Real-Time Performance Analytics
We have created a proprietary real-time analytics system providing you with rich insight into all possible campaign metrics such as number of clicks and conversions at the deepest level, effects of price changes on the performance, Return of Investment and more.

Category, Brand and Product Level CPC Bidding
Our analytic system provides you with a tool allowing to manage entire PLA bidding making it extremely easy to specify bids across multiple levels. You can set bids for your entire campaign, category or brand as well as each individual product with a single click.

Return of Investment Optimisation
On top of the bids management our system can be `told` to take care of your campaign performance by removing products driving no revenue and focusing on products which proved to sell thus increasing Conversion Rates and boosting Revenue.

Frequent Data Updates and Quality Checks
Our system will make sure to update all your product information as frequently as required in order to keep all info in sync with your inventory therefore making your Product Listing Ads as accurate as possible.

Multiple countries and currency support
By having a customer-base around the world we have an experience to support your international needs as well as local. Our system will track all separately thus making all performance reports relevant and transparent to each country.